All pasta served with Garlic Bread.
*Lunch pasta only available between 11:00 am - 2:00 pm only

Our Signature Pasta Chicken Cordon Bleu

Breaded chicken with ham and cheese, mushrooms demi glaze, served on a bed of fettucine noodles
Full         $14.95   Lunch    $9.95

Calabrese Penne

Chicken sautéed with sweet peppers, mushrooms, onion and bacon in a  Rosée sauce
Full         $12.95   Lunch    $8.95

Mac & Cheese

Classic blend of cheese, bacon, green onions and pasta, baked till bubbly hot and topped with pulled pork and crispy onions, served with garden or Caesar salad
Full         $12.95   Lunch    $8.95

Chicken Alfredo

Sautéed chicken breast with mushrooms and green onions, tossed with linguine in a creamy white wine, alfredo sauce
Full         $14.95   Lunch    $9.95

Seafood Linguine

Shrimp and scallops tossed with linguine in a rich mushroom Florentine sauce
Full         $15.95   Lunch    $10.95

Carbonara Penne

Chicken tossed with bacon and creamy alfredo sauce
Full         $12.95   Lunch    $8.95

Chicken Parmesan

Panko-breaded chicken breast, topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese on a bed of fettucine pasta

Traditional Seafood

Pan Fried Haddock

Your choice of breaded or Cajun style haddock fillet, served with house ‘slaw, mashed potatoes and peas

Scallops & Chips

Fresh Digby scallops, battered and lightly deep fried or pan fried and served with handcut fries and house ‘slaw

Fish & Chips

Beer-battered haddock, served with handcut fries and house ‘slaw
1 piece  $9.95
2 pieces                $12.95
3 pieces                $15.95

Seafood Platter

Battered haddock, shrimp and scallops, served with handcut fries, ‘slaw and tartar sauce

Clams & Chips (seasonal, when available)

Fresh battered clams, deep fried and served with handcut fries and house ‘slaw

Traditional Fish Burger

Battered haddock topped with house ‘slaw and lemon mayo on a sesame seed bun